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Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury

If you suffered an auto accident injury and are looking for non-invasive treatment in Midwest City, OK, Dr. Steve C. Sweeney of Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic can provide you with safe, drug-free chiropractic care. Adjustment techniques combined with other therapies have proven effective in relieving pain and symptoms associated with auto accident injuries—including whiplash. Treatment targets the underlying cause of the pain while stimulating the body's natural pain reliever and healing mechanisms without the use of painkillers.

Auto Accident Injury

Common Types of Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident can cause various injuries throughout the body from cuts and bruises to concussions and contusions. Soft tissue and spinal injuries such as the following are common:

    • Muscle strains or sprains
    • Whiplash (neck sprain)
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Herniated discs
    • Spinal compression
    • Pinched nerves
    • Compression fractures
    • Spondylolisthesis (dislocated vertebra)

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a common and painful auto accident injury treated by our chiropractor. It can destabilize the spine or lead to loss of mobility in the head or neck. Whiplash happens when the head moves back and forth suddenly and forcefully and hits the car seat's headrest causing strains or tears of tendons and ligaments in the neck.

Symptoms of Auto Accident Injuries 

One or more of these symptoms may manifest. They could develop immediately after the accident or could appear days, weeks, or months later. However, you should seek treatment right away to prevent underlying injuries from getting worse or causing disability.

    • Headaches or dizziness
    • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
    • Nerve pain
    • Chest pain
    • Stiffness or body aches
    • Reduced mobility
    • Tingling, numbness, or weakness
    • Muscle aches, pain, or inflammation

How Our Chiropractor Treats Auto Accident Injuries

Dr. Sweeney will seek to treat your auto accident injury after doing a comprehensive evaluation, physical examination, and tests to diagnose the root cause of your symptoms. He will craft a holistic chiropractic care plan to help alleviate pain, improve symptoms, and jumpstart healing.

Whiplash and spinal injuries may be treated with chiropractic adjustments, e.g., spinal adjustment, to nudge vertebral bones and joints into alignment and relieve pressure on discs and nerves to stop pain and reduce inflammation. Massage therapy and corrective exercises form part of the comprehensive treatment to relax and strengthen muscles and stimulate blood and nutrient flow to the spine and tissue.

Get treated for auto accident injuries right away in Midwest City, OK

Seeing your Midwest City, OK, chiropractor right away is crucial even for minor or non-obvious injuries. Preventative care can reduce the risk of loss of mobility or disability due to serious internal injuries. Call Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic at (405) 672-4800 to set up a consultation today. Dr. Sweeney has years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with accident injuries and will work with you to restore your health.