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Headache Pain

Headache & Migraine Treatments from Chiropractor in Midwest City

Dr. Sweeney has helped many people that suffer from cervicogenic headaches. Here are some videos with additional information. Let us know if we can help you.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Exercise can help decrease migraine frequency.

Headaches after a motor vehicle accident.

Pain is never pleasant and it is always a problem for your mobility and lifestyle. When you want to address neck pain and sore muscles in your neck, you need to understand the injury and seek appropriate solutions for your goals. A chiropractor in Oklahoma City and Midwest City provides the tools you need for neck pain management.

Common Neck Injuries

A neck injury stems from a variety of situations. It may occur in a car accident, while playing a sport or even when moving suddenly after a period of resting and staying in the same position. Understanding the types of injuries that may occur in your neck helps a chiropractor determine the right treatment solutions for your goals.

Common injuries in your neck include:

  • Sprained and pulled muscles

  • Injured muscles, which causes inflammation

  • Injured vertebrae in your neck

  • Bulging or herniated disks in the neck

  • Torn or strained ligaments

While the exact cause of a sore neck depends on your situation and the type of injury you experience, the pain requires active solutions to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility. A chiropractor in Oklahoma City and Midwest City offers the right tools for neck pain management by providing a variety of solutions to address your situation.

Ways Chiropractic Care Helps with Healing

Chiropractic care at our clinic helps with recovery and healing through appropriate treatment strategies. We use a combination of careful evaluation and identification strategies with chiropractic treatments to help address the underlying cause of neck pain.

At our clinic, we use x-rays and similar tools to identify the location of the injury and the type of injury. After diagnosing the problem, we use appropriate techniques like decompression therapy, spinal alignment and massage therapy to help improve your healing process. Whether you have whiplash from an accident or you simply slept wrong and ended up with a sore neck, we have the tools to help address your injuries and pain.

What to Expect from a Chiropractor

When you visit our clinic, we ask for basic paperwork and medical history before providing any treatment. The paperwork and medical history ensures that we develop an appropriate treatment plan for your specific situation and health risks. We use caution when working with specific health risks, such as individuals with a risk of stroke or heart attack, so our treatments focus on alleviating pain without taking unnecessary risks. 

After filling out the paperwork, a chiropractor evaluates your situation. We may use x-rays or similar tools to identify the cause of your pain before starting a treatment plan. We also evaluate your posture to ensure that the cause of your pain does not stem from poor posture. Based on the situation, we recommend a customized treatment plan.

Addressing a neck injury with natural treatment strategies offers a non-invasive solution to help with your recovery goals. At our clinic, we help you manage pain and heal from injuries to your neck. To learn more about our treatment strategies, contact us today.