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Neck Pain

Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic in Midwest City, OK Offers Neck Pain Treatment

Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic is offering neck pain care to the people of Midwest City, OK. Neck pain is a fairly common complaint. Also known as cervical pain, this condition develops when the cervical spine experiences some pain or damage of some kind. 

Causes of Neck Pain

Because the neck is so flexible, it is especially susceptible to numerous problems. Neck pain may result from the following:

  • Disease. Rheumatoid arthritis and similar joint diseases will often lead to neck pain. 
  • Injury. Personal injuries, auto accidents, workplace injuries, and sports accidents can all result in neck pain. Whiplash is the most common type of neck pain injury, developing when the neck violently jolts backward and forward.
  • Muscle strain. This condition is especially prevalent among people with poor posture. Text Neck is a muscle strain problem that develops from staring down at mobile devices for too long. 
  • Nerve compression. A herniated disc or bone spur can occasionally occur in the cervical spine. Disc herniation leads to pressure being placed on the surrounding nerves, causing painful symptoms.

Associated Symptoms of Neck Pain

The associated symptoms tend to be based on the underlying condition. For example, whiplash may be accompanied by dizziness or vertigo. Those with neck pain can also expect symptoms like aching, tingling, numbness, stiffness, tenderness, weakness, headaches, fevers, muscle strain, arm weakness, dizziness, and throat pain. Neck pain will often result in a restricted range of neck motion. Pain may range from mild irritation to extreme, burning pain. Be sure to visit a doctor if symptoms last for longer than three months. 

Neck Pain Treatment 

Luckily, neck pain can be treated with proper chiropractic care. Treatment is usually personalized to match the patient's needs. If there is a specific treatment plan that you are uncomfortable with, let the doctor know.

Treatment for neck pain typically starts off with diagnostic testing. Testing is done to better understand the underlying cause and the severity of the problem. CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays are commonly used during the stage. During the evaluation, the chiropractor might ask questions about the patient's medical history as well as family history. Some conditions are genetically linked. Once the diagnosis is determined, the doctor will then recommend a plan of treatment. In chiropractic care, physical therapy, exercises, and stretches may be needed to treat neck pain. 

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Here at Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic, we are more than capable of treating neck pain. We will find a way to diagnose, manage, and treat your particular condition. To contact our chiropractor Midwest City, call  (405) 672-4800. We can discuss treatment options for neck pain.