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Personal Injury Treatment

Personal Injury Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Midwest City, OK

Personal injuries stem from a variety of different situations and causes. It may relate to an auto accident, an injury while playing a sport, activities in the workplace or even a defective product you purchased at the store. Regardless of the cause, personal injury treatment with Our Midwest City chiropractor near Oklahoma City provides the foundation you need to address the pain and start healing. At the Sweeney Chiropractic Clinic, we offer pain relief solutions for your injuries after evaluating your situation and developing a personalized plan of action.

our chiropractor in midwest city provides personal injury treatment and help with workers compensation claims.

Common Personal Injuries

An injury occurs in a variety of settings and situations. In some cases, you may work with a workers compensation program to address and treat the injuries. In other cases, you work directly with your health insurance or an auto insurance provider. By understanding the common injuries, you know when to seek treatment and assistance for your situation.

The common injuries include:

  • Injuries from falling, such as sprained and pulled muscles
  • Whiplash
  • Back pain, which may stem from a herniated disc, muscle injuries or a pinched nerve
  • General neck pain, which occurs in many accidents
  • Assaults, which may result in a variety of injuries
  • Workplace injuries, which vary based on your place of work and the type of equipment used in your work environment
  • Auto accidents, which range from minor muscle injuries to broken bones and severe injuries
  • Sports-related injuries, which often relate to repetitive motions or contact with other players

Depending on the injuries to your body, we develop a personalized treatment plan. A Midwest City chiropractor evaluates the situation and uses up-to-date diagnostic tools to determine the appropriate strategy for your needs.

Course of Treatments from Our Chiropractor in Midwest City

Treatments a chiropractor in Midwest City, OK offers depend on your goals. At our clinic, we may use chiropractic adjustments, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound treatments or active release technique to reduce tension in your body and encourage healing. Adjustments to your back and spine help reduce pressure on your nerves and allow your body to heal after an accident. Our chiropractor near Oklahoma City focuses on your specific situation before recommending a treatment strategy.

Contact Our Chiropractor for Personal Injury Treatments Today

You want to seek personal injury treatment in Midwest City when you notice pain from an accident or immediately after an accident. Do not wait to seek treatment. At our clinic, we can help with claims for workers compensation or on your insurance policy to help with treatment expenses. We also recognize the importance of addressing back pain and neck pain at an early stage to prevent the problems from worsening over time. We give you natural tools for pain relief based on your injuries and the situation.

Treating personal injuries depends on your needs and situation. A Midwest City chiropractor offers the tools to help with your needs and start the treatment process. To learn more about our treatment options or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor in Oklahoma City, call (405) 672-4800 today.