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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Treatments in Midwest City

When the spine is not perfectly aligned, nerves endings are irritated by intense pressure resulting from vertebrae that have slipped out of place. Consequently, your overall health is can diminish due to compromised immune system functioning and widespread inflammation affecting all physiological systems. 

By restoring optimal functioning of your nervous system through chiropractic wellness techniques, your chiropractor in Midwest City OK treats many musculoskeletal disorders causing pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Specializing in spinal adjustments, active release therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound and massage therapy, Dr. Steve Sweeney can eliminate interference within the nervous system typically caused by misaligned spinal vertebrae. 

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Chiropractic Care in Midwest City


Adjustments are popular chiropractic techniques that realign spinal vertebrae and reduce pressure on intradiscal nerves endings. Back, neck and shoulder pain respond well to a manipulation and adjustment treatment, especially when adjustments are used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments such as electric muscle stimulation and massage therapy.

Both treatments accelerate healing of injured soft tissues while promoting blood flow to inflamed tissues, reducing swelling and working to decrease pain by obstructing transmission of pain signals in and around the spinal cord.

Therapeutic Massage

Your chiropractic clinic in Midwest City also offers therapeutic massage techniques such as deep tissue, sports, and myofascial massage. Like adjustments, massage therapy is another popular and effective procedure that naturally eases pain and stress while releasing endorphins for natural pain relief. Chiropractic massage also "exercises" muscles and ligaments to enhance cell metabolism and generate new, healthy cells within inflamed tissues. Massage therapy also improves immune system functioning to increase your body's ability to fight off illness and infections.

Chiropractor near Oklahoma City Provides Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling is another integral aspect of chiropractic care treatments in Midwest City. Eating a healthy diet can help alleviate joint and soft tissue pain and inflammation while supporting your general health and well-being. Certain foods contain beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants that naturally reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to injured tissues. These foods also promote healing by reversing tissue deterioration and promoting your body's ability to heal itself without taking prescription medications.

Combining an anti-inflammatory diet with doctor-guided exercise and chiropractic care in Midwest City is a highly effective method for controlling and reducing your risk of suffering numerous medical conditions associated with a dysfunctional nervous system and an unhealthy lifestyle. Mild to moderate exercise such as walking, jogging or performing chair exercises is enough to stimulate your cardiovascular and circulatory system. In addition, exercise strengthens inflamed or injured muscles by enriching tissues with oxygenated blood that muscles and joint ligaments need to avoid recurring strains and sprains.

We Offer ChiropracticTreatments In Midwest City for Pain Relief and More

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