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Auto Injury Care FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are a common problem throughout the United States. Each year, millions of Americans are injured in an accident and require treatment to address the pain of their injuries. When you get into an accident in a car or on a motorcycle, you want to work with an Oklahoma City car accident chiropractor to treat your pain and encourage natural healing.

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What Injuries Occur in a Car Accident?

Car accident injuries and motorcycle accident injuries vary in severity based on the speed of the vehicles involved, the angles of the vehicles at the time of impact and the severity of the crash. While the actual injuries may vary, certain problems occur in many accidents.

Common injuries that may occur during an auto accident include:

  • Back injuries, which may cause back pain throughout the upper, middle and lower back
  • Neck injuries, like generalized neck pain or whiplash
  • Head injuries, particularly a concussion
  • Broken bones
  • Chest injuries
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Strains and sprains on various muscle groups

Before you obtain treatment for an injury, you must clarify the injury and the severity of the problem. In some cases, you may overlook certain injuries in favor of more obvious problems. By seeking treatment from a chiropractor, you address the discomfort and encourage your body to heal.

What Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Oklahoma City Helps with My Symptoms?

Auto accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City helps with your symptoms by clarifying the cause of your pain. Whiplash treatment in Oklahoma City differs from a treatment plan for broken bones. Each injury determines the treatment strategy a chiropractor uses to reduce your pain and encourage natural healing.

In our clinic, we clarify the cause of your back pain or neck pain before recommending adjustments, decompression therapy or other strategies to heal from the accident. Since broken bones may occur in an accident, we use tools like an x-ray or other medical tools to clarify the injuries and ensure proper treatment.

When Should I Talk to a Chiropractor in Midwest City?

You want to talk to a chiropractor in Midwest City immediately after an auto accident. Do not wait to treat motorcycle accident injuries or car accident injuries when you are aware of the injuries. By seeking immediate treatment, you reduce the risk of further injuring the area from over-use of the muscles or engaging in inappropriate activities.

What Should I Expect During Treatment with a Chiropractor in Oklahoma City?

When you visit a chiropractor in Oklahoma City after an auto accident, expect an evaluation and discussion. During the initial examination, a chiropractor may ask you to walk around the space or move in certain ways to determine your level of mobility and flexibility. We may also suggest x-rays or similar evaluations.

Treat Auto Accident Injuries with Our Oklahoma Chiropractor

Treating injuries from an accident starts with seeking the right care for your body. To learn more about chiropractic care after an auto accident or for an appointment in Oklahoma City, contact (405) 672-4800 today.